Secondary school covers the grades 5 – 10. In these years, children go through rapid development to become first adolescents then young adults. At the conclusion of their secondary education, according to their ability, children gain the Montessori leaving certificate, the Hauptschulabschluss, the Qualifizierenden Hauptschulabchluss or the Mittlere Reife.



Although the principles of Montessori education focus on early childhood, our school extends these through to the 12th school year, bringing to the fore the aspects of personal motivation, individual personality development and the natural inner willingness to learn (self-learning).

At Biberkor we create the framework. Especially for students during the challenging time of puberty, we expect mutual respect and esteem. We create within the school and extracurricular fields of learning an opportunity for students to present their social skills and consolidate their emotional stability.

Although we differentiate, we do not separate: children in different streams learn together. It is possible to switch streams, in either direction, in every grade. Such changes are educational decisions that are made only having taken all relevant factors into consideration.